Does your institution have the right policies and procedures in place?

Your institution probably follows state and federal regulations related to fluoroscopy, CT and MRI, however, this will not prevent patient injury! Regulations are designed to ensure equipment is operating correctly and do not contribute to establishing patient safety through appropriate policies and procedures.

Many hospitals wait until it is too late–until a patient receives a debilitating skin injury from a fluoroscopically-guided procedure or until someone is burned in MRI before realizing that they did not have appropriate policies in place to prevent these incidents.

FluoroSafety experts offer on-site consulting and will provide a complete audit of your institution’s:

  • Fluoroscopy patient safety program, policies and procedures
  • MRI safety program, policies and procedures
  • CT protocols and radiation dose levels

Following an audit, you will receive a detailed report of potential weaknesses along with suggestions and examples of policies that can be implemented to not only reduce the likelihood of a patient injury, but to protect your institution in the event that one does occur. Our audits can be bundled with our educational courses at a steep discount as a complete package.

If you are interested in our expert consulting and audit services, please contact us at to discuss your specific needs.