Enterprise solutions

FluoroSafety offers enterprise solutions for institutions needing to meet Joint Commission fluoroscopy or MRI requirements.

Option 1 allows your learners to earn Category 1 CME, MOC credit, and ASRT A+ credit for completing courses with FluoroSafety.  Your learners are managed through a dashboard provided by FluoroSafety at no additional cost.

Option 2 is for institutions wishing to license FluoroSafety content for use on their own LMS.  With this option, we provide SCORM-compliant course content and post-test, which the institution hosts on their own LMS.

Enterprise solutions are available for the following courses:

Annual Training for Individuals Who Use Fluoroscopic Equipment   (CME and ASRT versions)

Practical Aspects of Radiation Safety

MRI Safety for Level 1 MR Personnel / MRI Safety for Level 2 MR Personnel

Maximizing Benefit While Minimizing Risk in Computed Tomography (CT)

The cost for Option 1 is $999 per year, and the course content is updated annually.  The cost for Option 2 is $1,499 per year, which includes updated content for your LMS each year.

Please contact us at sales@fluorosafety.com to purchase enterprise solutions, or for custom solutions to meet your specific needs.